Our Value

At the heart of our operation is our commitment to professional integrity and core values by which our business is run;

Our client base represents large and small companies from all over the world.We are flexible in our approach to services and fees.We view our client relationship as a business partnership, providing a higher level of customer service than many of the bigger companies.

Javelin’s respect for the cultures of local communities allows us to work across the different countries our business spans. We consciously strive to contribute to the development of the local communities in which our projects are being implemented. For example, on several projects in the past, we have trained local technical personnel at no extra cost in various aspects of project engineering and management. This training has provided technical and management skills for delivering projects that would help to improve the quality of life within the local community.

Simple and logical Javelin programs helped us to win a major Expert Determination, by demonstrating delays and entitlement to extension of time. The analytical strength of the programs was an important factor in convincing the Expert that we had in fact been delayed and were entitled to the claim and subsequent recovery of costs.




– Russell Denny, Special Projects Manager, Wagstaff Piling P/L