Managing Research projects, programs and organizations

"Disruptive Innovative and Technology solutions require research with measurable outcome" 

 At Javelin we have experience working with PhD qualified scientists and researchers.

Many companies are today allocating large sums to research such as AI and Blockchain technology as part of their product and enterprise offerings.  Obviously, this investment must be protected by patents.

The nature of the research activities is often without clear boundaries and goals and is tremendously cost absorbing.

Javelin has formalized the research process and has developed specific PMO services to manage large research teams and subsequently patent filings involving patent lawyers.

Our research processes are structured around the TEAL (Technology Enhanced Active Learning) paradigm, using JIRA to manage the complex communication dialogue between researchers, patent lawyers and other stakeholders.

We can manage the entire transformation from research (patent filing) into the product and development roadmap to the execution and delivery and launch of the product

We work closely with Executive teams to address their research objectives:

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Simple and logical Javelin programs helped us to win a major Expert Determination, by demonstrating delays and entitlement to extension of time. The analytical strength of the programs was an important factor in convincing the Expert that we had in fact been delayed and were entitled to the claim and subsequent recovery of costs.




– Russell Denny, Special Projects Manager, Wagstaff Piling P/L