Planning and Control

"A plan cannot be successfully executed without a formalised control mechanism"

Javelin has the expertise to produce a mature and comprehensive plan from inception to final sign-off.

Our Project Managers have an in-depth understanding of the E2E project lifecycle, and we optimize projects and deliveries using Waterfall, Iterative, Agile and blended methodologies deemed the best fit for the nature of the project, its complexity and the organization.

Fundamentally the Project Manager must be able to control Cost, Schedule and Risk and be able to manage and report overall impact throughout the execution of the program.

At Javelin we believe in defined weekly, monthly and quarterly reporting cycles. 

We will deliver on this promise

Planning is prerequisite for any successful delivery of a project, and planning will require a mature Requirements Specification and Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).

Javelin can deliver on planning for any project, large or small

Our reporting will be generated by the Javelin PP&C organization, JIRA and/or our PMO function based on EVMS, KPI’s and Indicators.

Our weekly reporting is based on a ‘one-page traffic lights’ progress reporting format detailing critical risks, highlights (positive, negative), Project Milestones and KPI status, Indicators (SPI, CPI, BCWS, BCWP), Issues and Showstoppers, Recovery Plans and trend analysis against baseline schedule.

The baseline schedule is designed and prepared to support this reporting mechanism.

We are an advocate for the use of Earned Value Performance Measures to the improved cost control, risk, management, resource utilization, execution and delivery of projects on time.

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Simple and logical Javelin programs helped us to win a major Expert Determination, by demonstrating delays and entitlement to extension of time. The analytical strength of the programs was an important factor in convincing the Expert that we had in fact been delayed and were entitled to the claim and subsequent recovery of costs.




– Russell Denny, Special Projects Manager, Wagstaff Piling P/L