About Us

Based in Sydney, Javelin Associates is a leading provider of project planning and control services to a wide range of industry sectors including engineering, construction, mining, petrochemical, defence, telecommunications and information technology. Javelin staff have been engaged in projects in Australia, USA, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Poland.

Our staff have a broad base of professional expertise and breadth of experience that provide a diversity of skills and personal knowledge for formulating strategies for the successful planning and implementation of very demanding projects. Our key strength lies in our principle of creating value and wealth for clients by ensuring projects meet or exceed their intended objectives. We achieve this by developing all client relationships into 'working partnerships' in which an understanding of each client's business environment and individual needs is gained and demonstrated.

Javelin's respect for the cultures of local communities allows us to work across the different countries our business spans. We consciously strive to contribute to the development of the local communities in which our projects are being implemented. On several overseas projects in the past, we have trained local technical personnel at no extra cost in various aspects of project engineering and management. This training has provided technical and management skills for delivering projects that would help to improve the quality of life within the local community.

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"Javelin's value of quality planning service exceeded the cost of the engagement from the first day. It enabled us to gain a better understanding of the requirements of our project and was vital for our processes of project resource estimate."
- Paul Debnam, Estimating Manager, BHP Engineering