Delays & Claims

Despite the best of intentions and efforts, problems occur in projects as a result of which construction projects are delayed beyond planned contractual completion dates. It therefore often becomes necessary for parties to prepare or rebut claims for Extension of Time and compensation of prolongation costs. Javelin Associates’ professionals are skilled at using proven industry-accepted techniques to identify project delays and measure their impact.

We can provide the following delay analysis and claim preparation services:

Javelin’s clear and accurate submissions and defences facilitate the early resolution of claims.


"Simple and logical Javelin programs helped us to win a major Expert Determination, by demonstrating delays and entitlement to an extension of time. The analytical strength of the programs was an important factor in convincing the Expert that we had in fact been delayed and were entitled to the claim and subsequent recovery of costs."
 - Russell Denny, Special Projects Manager, Wagstaff Piling P/L